Mrym L.


The Forty Rules of Love

There has been millions and trillions of books, an absolutely countless number of books, which was written from the star...

The Importance of Literature

Literature is a combination of those books which has been written since ancient times to take out the human ideas and th...


This is a novel which was written in 1988 by a Brazilian novelist Poelo Coelho and he started his career with such a fan...

Sadequain Naqqash

There are a few artists in the world who got their art acknowledged by the world and fewer who left an endless mark behi...

The Bastard of Istanbul

The Bastard if Istanbul is a very famous and uniquely written book by a very talented writer, Elif Shafaq. She is consid...

Ismail Guljee

Ismail Guljee is a significant name and yet another internationally renowned Pakistani artist. He was born on 25 October...

Rumi and His Journey to a Marvelous Poet

Rumi is an unparalleled poet in the global literature. His words, soaked with the love of the One and the secrets of mystical truth, continue to touch the heart of millions.


Brida is a beautifully written novel by a Brazilian Novelist Paulo Coelho, who has been a well known novelist around the...
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