This is a novel which was written in 1988 by a Brazilian novelist Poelo Coelho and he started his career with such a fantastic book. This book has been published over 60 languages around the globe and people love the simplicity yet the deep wisdom explained in it. This book has made a world record to be one of the world renowned books for being published in most of the languages and copies around the world.


There have been many writers in the past, and then there have been those writers who got the fame they deserved. Poelo Coelho is certainly one of them, who keep publishing his books now and then to amaze his fans.


No doubt, Al-chemist is one of his masterpiece book full of art and soul, which contains a lot of wisdom, and mysterious stories of a young boy who travels across a large desert to seek extraordinary knowledge. The name of the book is about those who tries to turn metal into gold and are this called Al-Chemists.


Books and literature has always been a best source to carry away the readers to the far off lands, and Al-chemist is most probably one of them. When a reader is indulged in to the depths of the desert travels, and all the dreams that boy Santiago keep dreaming about, one could find himself travelling with him to some other continent, in some other part of the world, in a place full of mysteries and wisdom.


That boy has two options in the start, either to sell of his sheep, and become a rich person, and live comfortably, while the other option includes going into the deserts of Egypt with a caravan and find out the deep and vast knowledge hidden in that beauty on the face of earth. On his way to his travels, he meets an Englishman who accompanies him throughout his travels.



When they travel across the big desert Sahara, and stay at some oaks and trees, near a little village, he fell in love with a girl name Fatima instantly. Love is an unmatched blessing of God and this earth have been surviving through endless ages of cruelty and injustice, because there always existed some God’s man to save the world with peace, love and humanity.


He asks the girl to marry him, but she said she will only marry him when he will fulfill his travel and found the treasure. The boy then sought out to find the treasures in the deserts of Egypt where he meet an Al-Chemist, but in the end he came to know that the true treasure is finding and learning the true wisdom. The crust of the novel is “When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream.”


So this is a novel of hope, travels, wisdom, knowledge and faith. Those who believe in the universe and their own selves, they somehow realizes and accomplish their goals as well.



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