Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)



Books are an important ingredient of our lifetime journey and the role it plays in transforming us positively shows how books have acquired a special space in our life.




Amazing work written by Jerome K Jerome

In recent times, I have read many books. Books of different categories involving mysterious, Inspiration, motivation, comic etc. But, a week ago I came across a book named “Three Men in a Boat”. The book is an amazing work written by Jerome K Jerome. He was a renowned English writer and humorist and was best known for his humorous and comic masterpiece.


Although, the author has written many more interesting books but after this reading “Three men in a boat”, I felt happy and delighted. Published in 1889, the book remained in the reader’s delight and this wonderful humor work is considered as a great source of delight and joy for many generations.

Rather than making things look stylish or out of the box, the author has kept the language simple which helps his message gets delivered to the users clearly.



Filled with adventure and humor

This story is a hilarious account of three London friends and of course their dog Montmorency, who takes a leisurely boat trip up the River Thames.

It is filled with adventure, tension, intrigue and above all the humor. This is one of the main reasons why it appeals to me so much.

Each chapter brings a feeling of joy and happiness on your face and at times signifying the smartness and thought process of the author.

The comic flavors can be tasted from the beginning, especially when the author introduces three main characters Jerome (the narrator), who thinks of himself to be a walking hospital, George, a banker who goes to sleep at a bank from ten to four each day, except Saturdays and last but not the least Harris, who is an extremely vain person and often shows that he works very hard.  


Frustrated of their puppet life, they plan for a trip. A trip that offers you loads of moment of laughter.

The story just revolves around the trip and with the way Jerome has narrated it for us is a masterpiece to read. Right from bribing the train driver to go to the wrong direction to scheduling itinerary the story further drops hilarious bombshells to us which makes it a perfect comic sketch of various boating and camping mishaps.

Each chapter brings a glimpse of joy and at times a series of wild laughter. In addition to other chapters, author recalls how the making of Irish stew from all the leftovers compelled Montmorency to add his bits by bringing a dead water rat, fills with utmost hilarity.  


For readers looking for classic commedy

One of the many humorous set-pieces that make this book more than a straightforward travelogue. Although Jerome k Jerome wrote the book over a century ago, it still has the power to attract various readers and make them laugh with the type of creativity and humor it possesses.

I myself have read this book twice and often read the book, whenever I feel bored. It is one appropriate book for readers looking for classic commedy.



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