Sophie’s World


I always wanted to read about the philosophy and philosophers, but I never found it easy to understand completely and absorb deeply the true essence of philosophy. So I sought help from my brother, and he gave me this colorful yet elegant book with the name “Sophie’s World”.


The name of the book appealed me so much, that I started reading that right away. It was a nice, easy and simple book, which I obviously did adore a lot.


In the starting of the book, there was a girl named Sophie, who was in her early teen age, and used to visit school. Then suddenly she started getting mails on her name written on it. First she really didn’t bother and ignored it by thinking that this must be some misunderstanding as her father was far away and she lived with her mother in Norway.


There was no one else who would do such a thing, absolutely not her friends. But when the mails became almost regular she got curious, and started reading those mails. In those pages, there always was a pile of pages full of history about philosophy and the start of Greeks and Romans and many more ancient civilizations with many great philosophers who passed.


The emails Sophie was getting from a middle aged philosopher Alberto Knox. He was trying to teach the young girl about the greatest mysteries of the world, and a very tough philosophy in a much easy and childish way.


Gradually Sophie became addicted to those mails, which seemed very interesting and knowledgeable to her. Many times, she tried to see who would drop the mail in the mail box, but she always failed. One time she was hiding behind the bushes, when a shadow came to drop the mail, she was about to see the face but the man ran away, and after that day, that man never came to drop the mails.


Sophie waited for days and got really upset and sad. She used to think of all the great philosophers she wrote about, and how many different questions it raised in her mind. But then eventually, the emails started coming again, but this time, it was a dog that used to drop the mail and ran away.


Many times, Sophie tried to chase the dog but never succeeded. She even reached a cabin amidst the woods, and she was sure it was of that man who send her mails, but there was nothing inside despite all of her efforts. Eventually she stopped chasing the man and started focusing on the mails. In the end she became an entirely changed person.


A mature person who used to look at the world with a different perspective, whose performance in the school got better and she started thinking way out of the box. This is an epic book especially for the youngsters and teenagers to read about the philosophy in an easy and very interesting way.



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