The Importance of Literature


Literature is a combination of those books which has been written since ancient times to take out the human ideas and thoughts onto some leathers, stones and now pages.


There always has been some kind of a great writer who dared to think out of the box, rebelled against his times of injustice and wrote amazing piece of art by creating everlasting books. The trend has become too common and now everyone tries to write their ideologies and thinking on the papers, but this should not be case. Like every other ability, this ability also resides into some, while others could not do it, in fact they could ruin and mislead a whole generation.


In the present times, many so called writers are using their purposes to spread their words through books, which is not only spoiling our youth but also dragging them away from the real class and epic pieces of books.


Literature is one of the most important factors in our lives. Like we eat, drink, breath and all that, literature plays a role in making a human in the true sense of a human. Without knowledge and literature, no human could be better than all the creatures in the world. Wisdom is the only key to the greatness of human beings, and all great minds poured out their ideas and thinking on to the books for the coming generations to be helped.



To write a book is a bog responsibility, and young writers should understand the sacredness of the work and sensitivity of the issue. But most of the present time writers are only using it for the business purposes. They don’t see which kind of a language they are using or how their scripts could misleads the young and tender minds.


Those who write and even read books every day of their lives, they get addicted to such a marvelous amount of literature that it becomes almost impossible to take that habit back from them. It is such a great feeling of reading something about one place and reaching somewhere far away and far behind in history.


To read about all the great warriors, and history, philosophy and how invention came to happen, how countries got their independence, and how great political changes came into being, To hold a paper or book in our hands, and traveling across the whole world and even out of the world, the fictional stories which mesmerizes our minds so deeply that we could totally forget the realities.


In short, literature is the only thing which is keeping our generation from the overuse of technology and teaching them the classical and beautiful ways of reading books. Books allow us to see beyond the horizon and think out of the box.


They allow us to think with our own minds, raise questions and not follow the suit of the society which they inflict upon us. Literature, in truth, is a whole wide world for those who dare to enter.




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