Diary of a Young Girl: By Anne Frank


Diary of Anne Frank is considered as one of the most famous books of the first half of twentieth century. She was only a child of almost twelve years when she started writing this diary of hers.


This was her personal diary, where she used to write about her daily life routine, troubles with family, issues with the world, and her thoughts about everything and everyone. This book is still considered as the greatest book of all times, and people never stop reading it and getting inspiration and motivation from that little girl’s words.


Even the place is intact in Amsterdam where she kept hidden with family for years, which is become a very popular tourist spot and people all over the world visit that place to see and feel the words of Anne Frank and her presence in that small place, which is quite mesmerizing to visit.


This was a time of Second World War and she was hiding with her family somewhere small and hidden. She spent years living and hiding in that place, out of the sight of the world, and without ever going out for the sake of their security. This was the main reason she started finding her diary as her closest friend and gradually started writing almost daily about what she thought about the world, and the people around her. She was a child but the insight she got, and the way she used to look at the world and thing about the details was the living proof of her extra intelligent mind.


She was a born writer, a God gifted girl, who used to take her pen and write in her personal diary, in a casual form, to let out of her inner frustrations and thoughts, but who knew this would become one of the greatest books of twentieth century.



In her book, we can find a little child who is talking about the little quarrels of the family and detachment feelings from her surrounding people, yet the wisdom and genius of a writer who thinks about the world in a very deep and mature way, and then pen it down in her dairy.


She would have become one of the greatest female writers of her time if she got to live a little longer than she did. But the life had other plans for that intelligent writer and so she was taken from the world very soon. Yet her words, and her soul lives on through her writings and book, across years and centuries. Whoever read her diary feel a kind of attachment with Anne Frank, while the little writer’s words leave a permanent mark on the minds of the readers.


Personally, Diary of Anne Frank is one of the best books I have ever read. This is a book which bewitched me with its magical words, and the realities of the world through the eyes of a little girl. The astonishing part was to see and feel the mature words and thoughts of a little girl, who despite of living in a hidden place for years, had mostly a great amount of optimistic approach towards life.




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