Salvador Dali



Salvador Dali is one of the well known painters and artists who are still alive through their art work despite being physically absent from this world for many decades.


Salvador Dali was born on May 11, 1904. 16 miles from the French border, he was born in Spain. Salvador Dali’s father was a lawyer and a very strict and disciplinary man who believed in raising children in a disciplined way, while contrary to that, his mother was a kind woman who indulged Salvador in art, music and the things of passion. Salvador had a passion for art since a very small age and which never vanished until he died.




His appearances made him a unique student

He had a close relationship with his siblings, and he used to spend summers with his family. As his parents recognized his talents, they sent him to the school of art, but he always was a weird student, who dressed up oddly and stayed in his own thoughts.


His odd appearances and weird dressings made him a unique student at the school, yet no one could deny the talents he got. As he grew and with the passage of time, he met many experienced painters, and got to learn a lot from them. He learned modern art and was a part of surrealistic movement as well, although many painters and members of this movement were expelled.



Joined the academy in Madrid to study art

Salvador was a very intelligent child, but he was exposed to such circumstances which triggered a bad amount of anger in him. Due to this reason, he often had fights with his elder fellow mates, and got beaten by his father as well.


The relationship between him and his father deteriorated when he was only a young guy. The competition between him and his father was fierce for the affection of Salvador’s mother. His mother always encouraged him to pursue his dream of art and so he joined the academy in Madrid to study art where he met many experienced painters like Picasso, Magritte etc.



The reason for his timeless fame

In 1931, Salvador Dali launched or introduced his painting called “The Persistence of memory” which became the main and basic reason for his timeless fame. He used to paint a lot of paintings with melting clocks and weird thoughts, but this painting of persistence memory got the fame which it deserved and it took Salvador Dali to the heights of success and glory.



Tragedy struck him

He painted 19 large canvases and a series of painting including religion, science and history as his themes. In his final years, 1980, Salvador Dali had to leave his passion and the only way to express him through paintings, due to a disease which caused his hands to tremble permanently and he got too much weakness in the hands.


Another tragedy struck him in 1982 when his beloved wife died and left him all shattered and alone. He locked himself in a castle, Pubol, which he bought for his wife Gala. He went into a deep depression, but 1984 he got severely injured and burnt in his castle, and with the help of his friends he was able to get out of the castle, which healed with time but confined him to a wheelchair. At the age of 84, in 1989 Salvador Dali died of a heart attack, and so a precious gem was taken from this world.



A life full of art and paints

I personally believe that Salvador Dali was one of the best artist of the 20th century, and he had suffered a lot in his life, yet he managed to express himself with the gifts he was given. He lived a life full of art and paints, and he added a great deal of art to the world of artists and paint.



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