Rumi and His Journey to a Marvelous Poet

Rumi is an unparalleled poet in the global literature. His words, soaked with the love of the One and the secrets of mystical truth, continue to touch the heart of millions.

Leonardo Da Vinci

With these amazing works, he was given the task by the duke of Milan, who was already inspired by his talent, to make various sculptures including the statue of his father.

A Tale of Two Cities

The book is about a prisoner Doctor Manette, a noble man threw him to prisoner for no reason but after many years, when the French revolution started, they took out the doctor from the prisoner.


Brida is a beautifully written novel by a Brazilian Novelist Paulo Coelho, who has been a well known novelist around the...

Frida Kahlo De Rivera

Fridakahlo is one of those artists who are not widely known by the new generation, but she was undoubtedly one of the ex...

Call of the Wild

The dog’s name is Buck, who is a very well-fed and physically strong dog living in California. But someone steals the dog from his owner and sells him away.

Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)

Published in 1889, the book remained in the reader’s delight and this wonderful humor work is considered as a great source of delight and joy for many generations.

A Japanese and British Expat-In the Netherlands

England is one of the very best nations on Earth for its living standards, quality of life, and educational institutions...
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